Authority Grinder Update for 2017: Focus vs Squirrel

Here it is already....

May of 2017 and I'm just now publishing Authority Grinder update for 2017. What gives???

And what's with the sub-title "Focus vs Squirrel"???

Here's the deal...

I'm SUPER EXCITED to reveal my new affiliate marketing strategies - well, new to me at least (he, he).

​I know, you feel the same way right now 😉  So let's get right to it, shall we?

Pretty Quiet on the Home Front

As you've been reading the monumental changes in my income reports (I guess you can call it a mid-life crisis at my young age), you know that I've been doing much needed reflection.

This unfortunately has caused a major slow down for my affiliate marketing portfolio. This wasn't good for business, not one bit.

I wasn't writing much if any posts on ANY of my sites.

I wasn't doing and backlinking to ANY of my sites.

I wasn't doing ANYTHING for my sites.

They were collecting dust. ​

My income was starting to reflect my reflection (no pun intended).​

My rankings for all of my projects were dropping. And with Amazon's recent commission rate changes, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

the stray that broke the Camels back

​So I decided to make some major affiliate marketing strategy shifts. I know, you're now asking what are they?

This is crazy...

​I made the changes pretty quickly. I was totally tired of death by analysis and not getting anything done. This led to transition number 1.



I had to stop trying to make everyone happy. 


I would try to please every aspect of the internet. The group who likes this, the other group that wants this. Or the 'gurus' who say this is what to do.

I felt like it was a frustrating cycle of repeat, repeat, repeat, without producing anything.

I couldn't progress without making a decision and moving forward. That decision I had to be comfortable with and good with the outcome. In other words, I was happy with it regardless what others thought!!!!

I wanted to make decisions faster too. I always thought I had to think every which way to Sunday, when there's an easy way. To get to Sunday, get to Saturday, that's SIMPLE!

None of this of making  this marketing group happy without upsetting another group. ​Or for that matter, the 'gurus' who say do this or that. Or the friends and family that you should do "this' because they have your best interests in heart. 

But here's the kicker:​

They're the ones that DON'T have to live with it. OR, they don't have to do all the HARD WORK and not get the results wanted.  ​Easy for them to say what you should do, right???

​I'd never be happy and in the process I made a very, very small percentage of 'those people' happy. Time to make myself happy.

I'm not going to worry about have a perfectly edited article. (I know, having instead of have, no emails on this please).

I'm not going to worry about the impact a picture may have on a group.

I'm not going to worry if I offend people. (like this fun and playful post instead of an 'all-business, professional' article). Gotta have fun in life!!!

I don't care if I tell the people with my 'best interests in heart' that I don't want to do it. Oh-Well!!!

​And that leads to transition number 2.



I was having a never ending competition within my head, the battle royal of focus vs squirrel actions.

Yup, you read that right!!!

I've grown up with the expression "squirrel" as meaning someone that is easily distracted. When that person, or yourself, goes completely of track, it's a squirrel moment.

Kinda like when people say "what was I talking about?" Or in a middle of a conversion, the other person just does something off topic and has no relation to what's going on.

A lot of affiliate marketers call it the Shinny Object Syndrome (S.O.S). Karen Greenstreet has an excellent brief explanation of SOS and the potential impact on your sites. ​

You might be wondering....

What exactly were you doing, Todd???​

This picture explains it pretty well:​

squirrel jumping

​I was that squirrel jumping from one shinny object to another. If I'd read a case study on how someone did this or that, I'd jump on it right then and there.

Forget about what I WAS working on, I gotta get this NEW THING done!!!​

And so I thought I was accomplishing things, right? After all, I had all this stuff going on. My plate was full and then some. ​Kinda like this...

As you can imagine, I wasn't making much progress on my five sites. Yeah, FIVE projects all at once. 

I needed to trim down my servings to a healthy and respectable amount. ​Good thing I have transition #1 to help me out.

Want to know the best part?

I made myself happy AND stopped having those squirrel moments. That allowed me to F.O.C.U.S.


​Having just over a month into this FOCUS strategy, I'm starting to feel the results.

Instead of being overwhelmed with all the content that had to be generated for all five projects, I can now focus on one or two.

Instead of not get any backlinks created for all five sites because I would make those shinny object just that much more shinny, I will focus on one technique at a time. Screw what those 'gurus' say about this new case study with this or that method.

Just use the time tested backlink strategy.

And no more worrying about diversifying my income source portfolio. Amazon is still a GREAT affiliate program. It's also a great foundation to build upon...  I can add email marketing and evergreen marketing later.

And that leads to transition number 3.



​I made the decision to stop working on the majority of projects.

I made the decision to stop reading daily emails from other affiliate marketers on what they were doing.

I made the decision to stop trying to have multiple income streams in case one failed at some point.

I made the decision to stop ​worrying about making a profit and having fun and do what I enjoy.

Okay, you've been reading the philosophy with the meaning behind my actions for 2017.  But what exactly are they????​

This is crazy...

​I still have all five projects. BUT this is the transition that going on.

Project 1, the Amazon affiliate website is going through a transformation at this current time. I'll release it when and if it's complete.

Project 2, the AdSense website​ is going into hibernation. It'll still be live, I just won't work on it during 2017. 

Project 3, another AdSense website is going dormant as well. No work at least through 2017 and maybe beyond.

Project 4, a newer Amazon affiliate website has it's pedal to the metal. This is where I'm going to F.O.C.U.S.  So this project will now be project 1 and the only one in my reports.

Project 5, this website, will keep going but going back to it's true purpose. To gather the best resources together in one spot for all of us hard at work at affiliate websites.

It's hard to find truly valuable and useful resources while wading through a ton of crap. Yes, crap. Lewis Ogden over at Cloud Income shares his thoughts about this in a very recent post. 

And that link, to Lewis, shows just that. Some may say that he's my competition, why link to him? It's not that he's my competition. He's one heck of a resource and I wish more of those 'gurus' would follow what he covers. 

It's all about YOU, the reader, getting what they want. Great information from others that actually put in the hard work like you.

So, after my squirrel moment, the temporary/long term shelving on several sites lets me do something that I want....

Concentrate on one project at a time. It'll be more motivating to me to see a greater sense of progress on one site than little to no progress on a bunch of sites. No more sidetracks or shinny objects.

And it makes me happier to "worry" about one site instead of four others. My path is clear to me.​

My Monthly Income reports are also going through a transition as well. While they're a great resource for motivation, both for you and myself, I believe monthly is getting to be overkill.

I'd rather have you and me spend more time making progress instead of reading other people's progress. Yes, you still need that motivation to know that you're not alone and that's why I'll produce it Quarterly from now on.

And with the quarter analysis, you and I get to see a more meaningful progress over three months than every thirty days. 

But here's the kicker....

I canceled the majority of subscriptions to affiliate guru websites. Yup, I sure did. I took a few moments (remember faster decision making in transition #1) and realized I didn't need to read a lot of those posts.

For example, I even unsubscribed from Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income.

Oh my God, NO YOU DIDN'T! Not Pat Flynn?!?!?!?!

OH, YES I DID!!!! (Remember about transition #2). Listen, he has great content and a huge following. When I started getting involved in websites, I'd read through his years of posts, he's got some truly amazing stuff. (Sorry Pat! He's a REAL guru too!!!)

I may WANT to read and listen to his material, but it's not what I NEED.​ Making progress on MY site makes me happy.

And it took up a huge percentage of my limited time, reading all those other blogs. I can and will get better progress by working on my site instead of browsing others all day long. I've concentrated on the few sites that I need (my support staff, but FREE).

​Wrapping it Up

I actually truly enjoy writing for this so called "project" - Authority Grinder.

I know there's a ton of sites on affiliate marketing. But it's not only keeping this project going if it makes money.

To me, it means so much more. I don't pretend to be a 'guru' or show you how to make a million dollars a year with websites.

I just want to share my experience that the vast majority of affiliate marketers are at, grinding away on their way to making something that others say you can't do.​

Success for me is no longer about keeping up with the "Jones's." (I hate the Jones's, so why try to be like them???)

Success for me​ is no longer about having a huge mansion that all the 'gurus' have.

Success for me is no longer about not worrying about getting one hundred thousand visitors like the gurus say is success.

Success for me is no longer about making over $20,000 per month like the 'gurus' say is successful affiliate marketing.

Success FOR ME is being happy. Having enough visitors to my site that generates the income I need to be happy. NOT what society says success is.

I don't want to be 80 years old and say to myself I wish I would have done this or that. I'd give up a million dollars in income to say I'm happy and have no regrets with my life instead.​

​Let me know what makes YOU happy with affiliate marketing in the comments below. And are you a FOCUS or Squirrel kind of person???

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