Affiliate Marketing Income Report: First Quarter 2017

This is the 8th affiliate marketing income report.  Many more will come.  I provide insight on all of my sites, not just Authority Grinder itself.  To that end, I will share all the stuff: statistics, challenges, and achievements for each one.

I will not publish the site names nor keywords, as I've seen others that have shared their stuff get copied and even get attacked with negative SEO tactics. This is a business for me and I'm not willing to potentially expose myself to that.

I do share just about all the details of my sites, but I'd like to add a different spin than others.  Here's the deal...

Added to these monthly reports is the emotions that go along with it.  The fear of a new site not succeeding, wasting money on a project that doesn't produce, or wondering if you're the only one having challenges.  The fun and the happiness of reaching a goal, whether financial or rankings, will also be shared.​

The frustration of not meeting a goal is softened and the excitement of exceeding a goal is sweetened by sharing them with you, my supporters.  So let's get to it...

Here's the first ever affiliate marketing income report - first quarter of 2017.

So let's get to what you want to see, the numbers.....​


For those that have been following my income reports, Project 1 used to be Project 4. There's been some restructuring of my sites and their purpose, more to come on that in a separate post. That's why the change in project numbers.

The previous project 1, the medical equipment affiliate site, is going through a major transition. What that is and why, well I'm just not ready to release it just yet. Therefor, I will not include that project in this income report.​

Project 1 is an niche site designed for affiliate sales around Amazon. Adsense is added, but it's not geared towards it.  

I started this site in July of 2016.  ​The niche is around a specific hobby.


What I didn't do last quarter that I wanted to:

  • Didn't get any linkable articles up yet.

What I got done... Woo hoo!!!

  • Updated site branding
  • Added 10 posts
  • Testing a new Guest Posting Service
  • Changed from a Blog to a Silo Site Structure

I made some significant changes to this site. First, I changed the site structure from a blog to a silo. I'm hoping this helps with SEO and increase the user experience. I'll probably write a future post on this.

I totally changed the branding of the site. I had a professional logo done on Fiverr in December of last year. I also updated the colors and fonts as I wanted the site to feel a transitional style. This is tailored to my users demographics that I've been watching in Analytics. Perhaps another future post on that too!

The guest posting service that I tried last year was a total waste! I'm not going to name them in this post because I don't want any of you to try it. I did start a test with another service and I'm still in the process of trying it. So far so good, let's keep our fingers crossed!

I was able to add 9 posts and 1 pillar article to the site. I'd like to add more, but with time and energy on the other completed projects, it's to be expected. But hey, progress none the less.


According to Google's index of this domain, I have 75 pages/posts up.  


authority grinder affiliate income report
affiliate income reports

Okay, the first part of the statistics sections.  

  • DA 20 (-6)
  • PA 31 (-6)
  • TF 7 (-2)
  • CF 40 (+12)
  • Referring Domains 49 (-67)
  • Ahrefs Rank 6,456,429 (-2,927,885)
  • UR 24 (-6)
  • DR 44 (-2)


niche income reports
  • Sessions 6,174 (+56%)
  • Users 5,503 (+59%)
  • Pageviews 13,271 (+53%)
  • Pages/Session 2.15 


authority grinder income reports
  • Total Clicks 4,300 (+87%)
  • Total Impressions 87,944 (+61%)
  • Avg. CTR 4.89% 
  • Avg. Position 17.6 (+11.9)


  • Earnings $9.88 (+586%)
  • Pageviews 1,922 (+231%)
  • Impressions 9,141 (+720%)
  • Clicks 39 (+89%)
  • Page RPM $5.14 (-0.2%)

Amazon Affilliate

  • ​Amazon Clicks 2,857 (+82%)
  • ​Ordered Items 249 (+83%)
  • ​Conversions 8.72%
  • Shipped Items $10,340.17 (+84%)
  • Summary Income $620.48 (+75%)

Project 1 Financials

This Quarter













WPX Hosting




G.P. Service




This Quarter









This Quarter









Net Profit/Loss




Still in the negative for profit, but it's improving significantly! Even though my total sales went up in Amazon, I'm concerned about their new payout structure. If you haven't heard about it yet, you can hear a good discussion between Gael and Perrin.

So how do I feel about the financials? Pretty darn good! Last quarter was a huge loss, and this quarter the income has significantly increased. No, it's not thousands of dollars, but for the percentage in increase, I think any brick and mortar business would be ecstatic an increase like mine!

Next Month Goals

I'd like to add more content. Although the review posts are going up at a pretty good rate in the last month, I'd still like to add some linkable content. That would start increasing the rankings and volume of visitors. 

If the guest posting service goes well, I'll order a few more to get a really good feel for the company. That's it for the goals, just trying to focus on tasks that'll produce.

Here's the goals that I set for next quarter...

  • Revenue increase by 50%
  • Turn a profit of $500
  • Add 20 articles/posts
  • Get 10 quality backlinks

Wrapping it Up

The first quarter was not that productive in measurement terms. I wished I had more content and more backlinks, but who doesn't right???

I took some quality time to reflect on where I wanted to go in life. Then I worked on the plan necessary to get there. After that, I took the time for it to sink in. Although not productive in the physical state, it was a GREAT accomplishment for my mind and soul!

The purpose was to live the life that I wanted and be happy doing it! I had to shake off the preconceived notions in society what success is and how it's measured. It took some hard work, soul searching, and going against the grain, but I got it done.

IT's very hard when friends and especially family don't agree. But I'm not trying to make them happy, I'm trying to make ME happy. That's the most difficult ongoing challenge, sometimes not making others happy while making me happy. Tough.

And all of this ties into my affiliate marketing business structure. A ton of changes, deletions, and additions... too much to put in this income report. Let me know in the comments if you'd like to hear about it.

And that leads to this quarter's motivational video. It helped me and I hope it'll help you too!​

Well, that's the First Quarter Affiliate Income Report for 2017.  Is there anything else you'd like to see about my sites? (No, I won't share the keywords or sites themselves 😉 ). What challenges are you facing and how are you overcoming them? Let me know what you think, others may benefit from it too!

Todd Connelly

I'm just like anyone else trying to grind away on websites for some extra money. When I'm not working my day job or pecking away on the keyboard, you can find me spending time with my wonderful wife and beautiful daughter. I obsess with numbers and data. (Maybe a little too much!)