11 Must Watch Motivational Movies: Stay in the Game!

If you're new to building niche websites or getting frustrated with a lack of progress, you're learning it's a lonely place. In the beginning you're highly energized ready to conquer the affiliate internet marketing word....

Then reality sets in, when after a few months you barely make a few dollars. You get disappointed and start wondering if all the hours and sacrifices are worth the few dollars. You're not alone with these feelings just like you're not alone building niche sites.

But how to stay motivated with niche sites when there's no immediate gratification??? No thousands of dollars rolling in with little to no effort. ​The motivation to keep going is tough, especially without some sort of triumphs to keep you going.

You're not alone with this feeling. But this is where most people fail. And you will fail, trust me, we've all been there. (You can read my November Report where I discuss my failures.) It's what you do when you fail. People fail to keep going.

The ones that are successful in building niche websites know this. And this is what separates them from those that've failed. They too have failed. But they keep going for some strange reason. This reason is not common to most or else this would be easy.

It's what they've done when they've failed. They kept going. They didn't let failure stop them. The successful ones kept grinding away and got over it. But what made them keep going???

Each of us are going to have our own road blocks, challenges, obstacles... whatever you want to call it. It could be no support, no funding, no mentors, or simply a lack of knowledge. But in each of the failures, there is hope....

And only YOU can overcome them.

Here's the deal....

This post is not in my 'strategic planning' to be written this month or at all. I won't be able to capitalize on this post with any monetary value. ​But it can and will create a momentum within myself that's more valuable than a money. Motivation and self sacrifice. 

Motivation will come in the fact that I'm going to please my inner self. While this can be seen as a self gratification need (and it's okay, we have to satisfy our inner needs)​, but it'll also help others out there that are trying to overcome their own challenges whatever they may be. 

I just felt motivated to write it and to share it. If it helps anyone, then fantastic! But it'll also help me know that I've written it and shared it with others. That's motivation for me right there!!!!

What I decided to do is to share the top 11 movies that I feel are must watch to help you achieve your dreams. Whether it's making a few hundred extra dollars a month, to making over a thousand, or quitting your day job to do this full time...

Here's the movies that inspire me to keep going.

How to Stay Motivated with Niche Sites​ with these 11 Must Watch Movies



This movie is about a 30 year old that never played professional football that tries out for the NFL team Philadelphia Eagles. Not only overcoming the challenges of not playing in college, his own family has serious concerns with him trying out.

Then add in the fact that most of the professional players didn't want him to be part of the team. This movie really portrays the challenge of overcoming the obstacles that face us niche site owners. Family that doesn't believe in us, friends that don't believe in us, and others in the field that don't believe in us.

You own determination and motivation, whatever it may be, can overcome when the dream is greater than the option of failure.



This is a fantastic movie on facing challenges that keep arising and the self-sacrifice to help others. 

Erin Brockovich wants a better life for her family and has to decide to make tremendous sacrifices to accomplish her dream. She also sees other families suffering and wants to help them.

​As she progresses, new obstacles pop up in front of her that she has to conquer to keep moving forward. She finds a way to beat all of them. And with no formal education or job training, she has to prove all the nay sayers wrong.

​In the end, she is richly rewarded for her self sacrifice to helps others that'll improve her family's life. If your niche sites help others, in the end you'll be richly rewarded.



The Pursuit of Happyness is a great movie to teach your kids about going after your dreams and to never let anyone take them away from you.

While most see successful people at their success, they don't realize all the suffering that was made over years to get there. 

Not having any support mechanism to help on the journey to success, including a spouse that's not supportive at all, this is an inspiring movie that determination. That determination is what keeps Chris going (also known as his 'why'). 

The 'why' inside of you will keep you grinding away at your sites when facing your own suffering to reach your dream.



The struggle within is an enormous obstacle to overcome. Not only does Jackie have external resistance, he has to deal with his own suffering.

Each of us as site owners are going to have internal struggles as well as outside resistance. How we handle them and turn them into energy to face those challenges is what counts.

The accepted norms can be changed, just as in the movie about the first African American breaking the race barrier in Professional Baseball. Sometimes when creating your niche websites, you gotta break the norms whatever the resistance may be.



It seems like in todays society, everyone is a victim. Victim of circumstance, victim of identity, victim of debt, victim of policies. 

Michael has grown up with the utmost dire circumstances. But he never complains, never asks for handouts, never takes advantage of others. He does provide opportunities for himself.

When a family does help him when he doesn't ask, he becomes loyal to the family. And the family learns just as much as Michael does. A great story about not blaming others but rather how to create opportunities for yourself and staying true to your core values.



James is an okay boxer thats time has passed. Everyone gives up on his boxing career except his wife. With the great recession, work is hard to find if at all.

While he has trouble providing for his family, he has a decision to make. Try to find work and do what he knows he can do... box.

As he tries to overcome the stigma of being too old and not good enough to box, he does it anyway. This time around he has his motivation (or his 'why') that makes him unstoppable. 

Once you find out your 'why' of building niche sites, you'll become unstoppable.



A great movie about keeping with the fundamentals. Coach Carter takes a struggling high school basketball team and with hard work, they have a chance to reach the playoffs.

But it's more than just winning at basketball, he also teaches the students that they all have potential at life. They just have to work at it. The fundamentals for basketball are also taught with the fundamentals of education.

Sticking to mundane fundamentals of building and growing websites is the key to progress. Not a quick and easy way, but grinding out tasks over and over. That's what sets others apart, whether in basketball, education, or websites.



Life is full of lessons. All of the life lessons has lead to one moment when Jamal can fulfill his destiny. 

Just like your own life, Jamal's life lessons are filled with obstacles, horrors, and tough situations. As long as you learn from them, apply them, and don't give up..... you can a achieve your destiny.

Life lessons can be applied to growing your sites and not giving up on your dreams. 



Don't let anyone steal your dreams. In this movie, Homer has no support from his own father, classmates, and friends in his dream to build rockets.

Several challenges initially stop Homer. He fails at building rockets but keeps trying. He continues to push past the failures and ridicule as he learns to believe in himself. His dream is too powerful. 

If you're like me, telling friends and others that my dream is to build websites has been met with a ton of ridicule and jokes. But I do believe in myself, I will reach my dream.



Can't have this list without Rocky!!!

Rocky is a nobody and is called a bum. Having no future, no support, nothing at all, he's given an opportunity to fight the boxing champion. Since he's a nobody, no one believes in him.

His opponent, media, friends, and trainers don't think he can do it. But Rocky has a undeniable desire to prove all the naysayers wrong. This desire to prove them wrong allows him to become what he's always dreamed of.

The best way to prove your naysayers wrong is to be very successful. All those people who say you can't succeed at websites can be shut up with you being very successful. Don't let them win, prove them wrong!!!!



An awesome movie on helping others when you yourself have little in life. And not to mention the act of self sacrifice by a child, Trevor, brings a community together.

The simple theory if you just help three people and those three people each help three other people, is really amazing. And if you truly want to be a successful niche site owner, helping others is the key. 

Sometimes helping others may take away from your financial progress, but the emotional and self satisfaction will be worth more than those extra dollars. This movie really puts it all in perspective and keeps what's truly important in life as a priority.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Is there a movie that you feel should be added to the list that I didn't include? Disagree with any of my selections? How do you stay motivated with niche sites? I'd love to hear from you and it could help motivate someone else too 🙂

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