Here's What Authority Grinder is all About

Hey, what's up? I'm Todd Connelly, the founder of Authority Grinder.

If you've ever asked yourself:

  • Can I really make money with affiliate websites?
  • Where do I start to make my own Amazon affiliate website?
  • How long will it take to make money with an Adsense website?
  • What are the best affiliate website resources?
  • What actually works to grow and have a successful website?

Or, if you just need to get some inspiration to keep you going (or confirmation to be being the right steps) by watching others face the same challenges that you face in starting, growing, and ranking your site....

.... You're in the RIGHT place!

Here's How Authority Grinder Helps You Know Everything About Starting, Growing, and Ranking an Affiliate Website

As you're well aware, there's a gap between:

  1. Wanting to make money with an affiliate niche website,
  2. The proper resources to learn and not some shenanigan stuff,
  3. ​Deciding on the type of affiliate niche website fits your needs,
  4. The right steps to grow your site,
  5. Rank you site in today's Google tough environment

I'm here to bridge that gap.

I believe you can achieve your dreams of owning a successful affiliate niche website.

The level of success directly depends on you and no one else.

Here's the deal...

You'll have to do some work, hard work.

You most likely won't see results right away.

It takes a lot of grinding, doing things over and over again and seeing little results.

It'll be tough, there may be times when you want to quit.

But with lots of hard work and time, you can achieve your dreams.

Want to know the best part?

I'm here to help with your motivation.

You're not alone.​

I'll show you my sites that I am currently working on.

You can follow my monthly reports to see the rankings, number of visitors, profit or loss, frustrations and achievements.

In these monthly reports will also be what it's like building my authority niche site portfolio.

Things like how many articles were posted, the backlink building, the goals for the month, and the emotions that go along with it.

I share these personal details for two reasons.

  1. ​To help give inspiration to others that they too can do it.
  2. To keep me accountable to the everyone else on working towards my goals.

These authority niche website posts that I share a broken down into ridiculously practical details that you can start benefiting from right now!

About Todd Connelly

todd connelly

Authority Grinder was founded by Todd Connelly.

Todd currently has several niche websites in his portfolio.  He works full time elsewhere, but typically finds about 2 hours a day to work on his websites.

His brother introduced him to websites. He owned an amazingly successful site that was sold for the mid six figures several years ago.

Having gotten the 'itch,' Todd started a local vacation site that didn't make it.  Yes, we're being open and honest, no get rich quick schemes here.

Trying several others based on outdated website tactics (not knowingly outdated as some sites don't delete outdated information), several thousand dollars and over a year of time were wasted didn't produce any results.

Then he found some great advice by top experts and started a very small niche site to test the theories.

The site took off. In just 10 months, this one site is making over $1,000 per month. He now spends about 1 to 2 hours per week working on that one site.

On the long lonely road to making a successful site, he learned numerous ways not to make an affiliate site.

Not wanting others to make the same mistakes he made in learning about niche sites, Authority Grinder was born.

Authority Grinder is designed to help people on their journey and learn from Todd's mistakes so that you don't repeat them yourself.

Todd doesn't claim to be an expert.

The purpose of Authority Grinder is to point people in the right direction...

To the experts for that particular topic.

Along the way, he shares the progress that he makes working on his own sites.

If you want to get proven tips on how to start, grow, and achieve your dreams with authority niche sites, all you have to do it follow us by clicking on one of the social buttons below.

You won't get hard sales pitches, long sales pages, or fluffed up stuff from me.

Just real life lessons and recommendations based on my own experience and those from the authority figures out there.

You can get the latest posts and other free stuff right to your email inbox, even exclusive items that I won't post to this site.

All you have to do is to subscribe below to get instant access, unless you don't want any of it.

And hey, if you've taken the time to read this to this point, I really appreciate it!

Thanks for learning about me, I'd love to hear about you and what you think.

Be sure to comment on the posts, I'll be sure to reply back to you.

Thanks for all your support.


Todd Connelly